Southeastern Intercollegiate Meats Judging Contest

  • Dates: 07 – 08 Apr, 2017

The Southeastern Intercollegiate Meats Judging Contest will be held April 7th and 8th at The Ohio State University and the University of Kentucky, respectively. 

April 6th - Thursday - Ohio State Workout

  • Doors open: 7.00am
  • Room to use: Rm 117
  • Product to practice: Pork carcasses; pork hams; center cut loins; and specs & Lamb carcasses and specifications
  • Doors close: 5.00pm

LUNCH: $6.00 for two beef fajitas tacos, chips, and bottle water OR two bratwurst hot dogs with chips bottled water. Credit cards are accepted as well as cash.

Department of Animal Science
2029 Fyffe Court
Columbus, OH 43210

Parking on back of building. If you are not in a state vehicle, you will need to pay for parking. Be sure to find Pay station on north side of parking lot.

April 7th - Friday

CONTEST - Ohio State University Meat Lab

Any questions or concerns can be addressed to Lyda G Garcia, 614.943.9440 (cell)

April 8th - Saturday

Contest - University of Kentucky Meat Lab

The registration fee will be $200 per school and will be collected by Gregg Rentfrow (gkrent2@uky.edu).  Please make checks out to the Southeastern Meats Judging Contest.

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