To assist the Student Membership Board of Directors in the planning of the student focused sessions at the annual AMSA Reciprocal Meat Conference. 

Principle Duties

  • Assist the RMC Planning Committee in gathering ideas for the AMSA RMC.
  • Help the Student Membership Board of Directors develop new topics of interest.
  • Identify new topics that are important and relevant to the AMSA Student Membership

Committee Members

Student Board of Directors Representative

Morgan Neilson, Oklahoma State University


Emily Bedwell, Kansas State University
Aeriel Belk, Texas A&M University
Katelyn Brennecke, Oklahoma State University
Clay Eastwood, Texas A&M University
McKensie Harris, Texas A&M University
JT Hearn, Oklahoma State University
Blake Foraker, Kansas State University
Rachel Mitacek, Oklahoma State University
Taylor Neilson, Oklahoma State University
Chandler Steele, Oklahoma State University
Kelly Vierck, Kansas State University


  • Number of Volunteers: 12
  • Length of term: 1 year
  • Chair:Elected annually by the AMSA Student Membership Board of Directors

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