Brenna Klauer

Brenna Kaluer

Graduate Student
Colorado State University
Advisor: Dr. Dale Woerner

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Why do you want to be on the AMSA Student Membership Board of Directors and what qualifications make you the best candidate for the position?

I would love the opportunity to be a part of the AMSA Student Board of Directors because I would like to give back to an organization that has given so much to me.  My passion for the meat science industry began when I joined the 2014 Colorado State University Meat Judging Team and became and AMSA member, and that passion has continued to grow as I continue my education and become more involved with AMSA conferences and events. The opportunities that AMSA had lead me to are opportunities that have truly been life altering, and being a part of the AMSA Student Board of Directors would mean that I would be able to share my passion with future meat scientists.  The AMSA Student Board of Directors is a vital team that is responsible to ensuring that future leaders can gain the same rewarding experiences that I had the opportunity to gain.  I am up for that challenge, and feel that I would make a great West Region Director because of my past involvement and leadership roles both within this organization and in the meat science industry. My focus as West Director, if elected, would be to increase student participation within universities that are currently active members along with universities that are less involved.  In the same way AMSA has helped me grow professionally, I would like the opportunity to help the AMSA Student Board of Directors grow and continue to make an impactful difference for future meat industry leaders to come.  

What does your AMSA membership mean to you?

Being an AMSA member means that I am a part of something larger than myself, and larger than my university.  I have gained many valuable experiences through club involvement and participation within CSU, but being able to interact with not only peers from other universities, but also industry professionals that support the AMSA has truly been invaluable to my educational experiences. My first experiences as an AMSA member, like many of my peers, was through being a part of the Intercollegiate Meat Judging program.  That exposure has led me to an industry I never would have known I hold such passion and enthusiasm for. It is very unique for such a large and widespread industry to also be so tight knit and caring about its industry leaders, but from my experiences, the meat science industry holds that to be true.  I would like to think this would be not be possible without the generous contributions that AMSA makes to it’s members, which makes me value my AMSA membership greatly. 

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