Carla Weissend


Graduate Student 
Colorado State University
Advisor: Dr.Jennifer Martin

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Why do you want to be on the AMSA Student Membership Board of Directors and what qualifications make you the best candidate for the position? 

I want to serve as President of the AMSA Student Membership Board of Directors because I have a passion for AMSA members and the meat industry that is unequaled. I know the impact that the student board makes in the lives of its members. I have seen the intense passion in each student board director over the past five years, and this past year I have experienced first-hand the commitment of the board, as I myself served as a director. Serving on the student board of directors has provided me with opportunities to further my love for the meat industry by meeting and interacting with members across the country, having the opportunity to participate in planning the 70th Reciprocal Meat Conference, and spending time with the future of AMSA in my fellow board members. Additionally, I have further developed my leadership skills and honed my ability to multi-task and coordinate large events through serving as the Student Leadership Conference and Career Fair co-chair. I would like to continue serving the student membership as President because I am committed to furthering our organization and I would like to help guide the team that will strive to improve involvement and continue to inspire passion in our members.

From a very young age, I have been developing my leadership skills and my experiences at Auburn University, and now at Colorado State University, have only helped me strengthen them. As an undergraduate student at Auburn, I had the opportunity to serve in all manner of leadership roles from President of Collegiate Cattlemen and Vice President of College of Ag Ambassadors to Ag Council Representative. I have led organization groups from as little as 20 people to more than 800. I also held many leadership roles during graduate school while learning to maintain a balance of research, class, outreach, and extra-curricular involvement. Since arriving at CSU, those skills have only been strengthened through working with such an outstanding, diverse, and research-oriented program. CSU has helped me hone my time-management skills more than ever and I am confident that I am equipped to take on the task of President. As a leader, I have always made it a priority to hear ideas, questions, and concerns from the membership of any organization in which I have been a part and serving as President of the AMSA student board of directors would be no different.

I believe that a leader is a skilled listener as well as a skilled speaker. I believe that a leader works alongside their team and thinks that no task is too small or menial to help. I believe that a leader sets an example for others to follow. I will bring every ounce of passion and hard work that I possess to lead the AMSA student board of directors. As president, I will utilize these qualities to improve our organization year after year, upholding the standards that have made AMSA the excellent organization it is today.

What does your AMSA membership mean to you?

My AMSA membership has provided me countless opportunities to learn, present, and network with members of both academia and industry. It was through the RMC mentor breakfast that I first met Dr. Dale Woerner, which eventually led to my pursuit of a Ph.D. at Colorado State University. AMSA provides its students with a well-rounded balance of opportunities. AMSA has allowed me to develop my presentation skills through poster presentations, my professional networking skills through the RMC College and Career fair, my social networking skills through student mixers, and my leadership skills through the Student Leadership Conference. I have also developed my technical meat skills as well as my culinary skills through the Iron Chef competition. AMSA has provided me with many opportunities, professional acquaintances, and friends from across the country. I am extremely proud to be a member of an organization that places such value on its membership and I am excited to continue giving back to this organization that has given so much to me.

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