Felipe Ribeiro

Felipe Azevedo Ribeiro

Graduate Student
University of Nebraska
Advisor: Dr. Chris Calkins

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Why do you want to be on the AMSA Student Membership Board of Directors and what qualifications make you the best candidate for the position?

Serving as a member of the AMSA Student Board of Directors, my main objective is to align the development of student leadership skills with the expectations and needs of the meat industry. Specifically, my goal is to promote interaction between AMSA students and meat industry recruiters, and facilitate meetings between them at regional levels. As a result, I expect to encourage and challenge my peers’ growth potential in their meat industry careers. My previous experience as a research coordinator in the meat industry, and the extensive network I have been able to build from all of my experiences in this industry, will be helpful in obtaining my goals.    

I became a student member in 2014 and I have not missed an RMC yet, even when I have been living outside of this country. My support and commitment to AMSA is very evident, as I have presented 10 abstracts at RMC during the last three years. These abstracts have involved fellow research assistants and students from 6 Brazilian universities, 1 university from Peru, and 1 research center from Argentina. This demonstrates my ambassador attitude for AMSA internationally. Being a member of the AMSA student board while serving as the Midwest Region director would strengthen my collaboration with AMSA.   

What does your AMSA membership mean to you?

My AMSA membership means a great deal to me. It has positively affected both my life and professional career. Here is my story to illustrate. I met Dr. Chris Calkins during a RMC meat tour about two years ago. At this time, I was seeking a mentor to guide my education and skills in the meat industry. About 6 months later, I joined his group at UNL to work on my Ph.D. and participate in study abroad. AMSA fosters a unique family of mentors and professionals, promoting a special environment for interaction, connecting the greatest minds in the meat industry with those who are aspiring to continue in their footsteps. AMSA has changed my life for the better. I believe that all AMSA students can benefit like I did from meeting and sharing expertise with world-renowned professors, researchers, students, and meat industry fellows while attending to AMSA events.

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