Hope Voegele


Graduate Student 
Texas Tech University
Advisor: Dr. Mark Miller

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Why do you want to be on the AMSA Student Membership Board of Directors and what qualifications make you the best candidate for the position?

Being a member of AMSA allows me to be involved in a community in which on a few rare occasions, I do not have to provide a definition of meat science or meat judging. Personally, I did not grow up with any type of agriculture background but by being involved in meat science, I have discovered a passion to not only share with others but a foundation to build a career on. As a student, we are harped on about constantly building and molding a network. AMSA does not simply provide a networking opportunity; it provides professional mentors that will help guide you as your career advances but also uniquely encourages strong, long-­‐lasting friendships from university to industry. Lastly, by being a member of this organization, I stay up to date with industry news and consumer trends and I believe it is vital that students step out of our comfort zones and attempt to engage in the industry we have decided to be involved with. AMSA  provides countless ways in which you may do so.

What does your AMSA membership mean to you?

 I believe that a leader, while inspiring others, must have a deep-­‐rooted commitment to strive for and achieve success. The student board is a handful of people that represent the entire student body of meat science and I think each respective university should be able to present opinions and ideas for student involvement. My educational experience in two regions and three universities will help me reach out to more students. Additionally, a leader should have a vision. Next year, in 2018, RMC will be held in Kansas City with no university host. As a member of the current student board, our two focal points involve the Student Leadership Conference and RMC. I have attended the last two SLC’s and believe that it should be moved elsewhere to allow students to participate with other companies and see a different part of the country.  Additionally, as I have served as a member of the hosting committee for the 2015 RMC, I have a full scope on how involved planning may be for such an event. My last qualification is  an  example of my commitment to a program. I judged in 2012 for Texas A&M but I have served time as a cooler superintendent every year, at various contests – Ft. Worth, Houston, the Royal and the International-­‐ since then. I want the opportunity to inspire fellow students to have the best experience possible as well as AMSA to be successful.

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