Jacqueline Ponce

Jacqueline Ponce

Graduate Student
Texas Tech University
Advisor: Dr. Jerrad Legako

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Why do you want to be on the AMSA Student Membership Board of Directors and what qualifications make you the best candidate for the position?

As a fellow member, I know it is unique for an association to host an event and when it is finished, for participants to begin counting down the days until the next event – I want to become a leader for such a dedicated and passionate student body. The American Meat Science Association has played a significant part in my academic experience – both at Colorado State University and at Texas Tech University – and I want to contribute towards a community vision that ensures students to have every possible opportunity to become engaged within the meat industry. 

What does your AMSA membership mean to you?

To me, my AMSA membership means doing your part to keep the tradition alive. Regardless of where we are from, we come together every year because we all take pride in something bigger than ourselves and our home universities: meat science. The AMSA organization is filled with outstanding individuals that put countless hours into making sure events run seamlessly, so that all members have unforgettable experiences. Every year I have counted on the members who make up the student board and the executive board to make RMC what it is; and now, I would like the turn to return the favor for others. 

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