The Southwestern Livestock Show Meat Judging Contest was held February 7 at Columbia Packing Company, Inc. in Dallas, Texas. In total, 56 contestants from seven universities and colleges participated in the A-Division contest. Seventy-nine individuals from 11 universities participated in the Senior Division contest.



Top Individuals

  1. Jerra McMath, Clarendon College, (916)
  2. Shane Bradbury, Fort Scott Community College, (912)
  3. Michael Evans, Garden City Community College, (911)
  4. Clayton Gardner, Clarendon College, (910)
  5. Cole Crawford, Garden City Community College, (904)
  6. Eldon Campbell, Coffeyville Community College, (898)
  7. Heather Gillman, Coffeyville Community College, (888)
  8. David Hueftle, Garden City Community College, (886)
  9. Alyssa Jobe, Allen County Community College, (883)
  10. Zane Burgardt, Allen County Community College, (882)

Top Teams

  1. Garden City Community College, (3580)
  2. Clarendon College, (3577)
  3. Fort Scott Community College, (3532)
  4. Coffeyville Community College, (3469)
  5. Allen County Community College, (3452)

Garden City Community College

Individual Division Results

Beef Grading - Shane Bradbury, Fort Scott Community College, (262) 
Lamb Judging - Stephani Hill, Fort Scott Community College, (138) 
Pork Judging - Clayton Gardner, Clarendon College, (285) 
Beef Judging - Jerra McMath, Clarendon College, (280) 
Total Beef - Shane Bradbury, Fort Scott Community College, (519) 
Total Placings - David Hueftle, Garden City Community College, (492) 
Questions - Cole Crawford, Garden City Community College, (210) 
High Alternate - Kyle Owen, Clarendon College, (928)

Team Division Results

Beef Grading - Clarendon College, (961) 
Lamb Judging - Garden City Community College, (530) 
Pork Judging - Coffeyville Community College, (1099) 
Beef Judging - Garden City Community College, (1071) 
Total Beef - Clarendon College, (1996) 
Total Placings - Garden City Community College, (1935) 
Questions - Garden City Community College, (760) 

Senior Division

Top Individuals2009SouthwesternHISrD1.1

  1. Abby Long, Texas Tech University, (1040)
  2. Hyatt Frobose, Kansas State University, (1029)
  3. Megan Igo, Texas Tech University, (1029)
  4. Matt Bruton, Texas Tech University, (1027)
  5. Dan Leiser, University of Nebraska, (1008)
  6. Renee Kinsey, Colorado State University, (1007)
  7. Gretchen Frost, Oklahoma State University, (1006)
  8. Drew Edleman, South Dakota State University, (1001)
  9. Emily Evans, South Dakota State University, (996)
  10. Bryan Weaver, Texas A&M University (995)

Top Teams

  1. Texas Tech University, (4081)
  2. South Dakota State University, (3968)
  3. Oklahoma State University, (3939)
  4. University of Nebraska, (3913)
  5. Colorado State University, (3899)

Texas Tech University

Individual Division Awards

Beef Grading -  Megan Igo, Texas Tech University, (254) 
Lamb Judging - Hyatt Frobose, Kansas State University, (141) 
Pork Judging - Heather Pierce, Colorado State University, (287) 
Beef Judging - Abby Long, Texas Tech University, (289) 
Total Beef - Hyatt Frobose, Kansas State University, (532) 
Total Placings - Drew Edleman, South Dakota State University, (492) 
Reasons - Abby Long, Texas Tech University, (219) 
Specifications - Abby Long, Texas Tech University, (100) 
High Alternate - Henry Ruiz, Texas Tech University, (1043)

Team Division Awards

Beef Grading - Oklahoma State University, (965)  
Lamb Judging - Texas Tech University, (533)  
Pork Judging - Texas Tech University, (1116)  
Beef Judging - South Dakota State University, (1137)  
Total Beef  - Texas Tech University, (2075)  
Total Placings - South Dakota State University, (1939)  
Reasons - Texas Tech University, (838)  
Specifications - Texas Tech University, (357)  


Official Committee

    Randy Harp, Chair, Tarleton State University 
    Scott Grumbles, Oklahoma State University, Pork Cuts
    Dennis Stiffler, Coleman Natural Foods, Beef Carcasses 
    Eric Metteauer, Texas A&M University, Lamb Carcasses
    Marcia Dalton, Tyson Foods, Pork Carcasses 
    John Kellermeier, Dankworth Packing Company, Beef Cuts
    Darrell Dowd, USDA, Meat Grading and Certification, Grading & Specs

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