Hope Voegele

Texas Tech University

South Region Director


 Hope Voegele is currently a graduate research assistant working on her Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Science, with emphasis in meat science and muscle biology, under Dr. Mark Miller at Texas Tech University. Although originally from Texas, Hope had no agriculture background until she became involved with the meat science department during her Bachelors degree from Texas A&M University. While completing her undergraduate work, she became involved in the judging program and the meat science quiz bowl team and worked extensively at TAMU’s meat lab including opportunities to work with multiple extension groups.   After graduating, Hope pursued her Masters in Animal Science, with emphasis in meat science, under Dr. Chris Calkins at the University of Nebraska. Her thesis work focused on feeding field peas during the grazing and finishing phases of cattle and the overall impact on fresh beef quality. She assisted in coaching the meat science quiz bowl teams and enjoyed many teaching opportunities for the university and Nebraska FFA workshops while assisting in other research projects focused on improving beef quality and food safety. Currently, Hope is working on various teaching portfolios at Texas Tech and after completing her Ph.D. she plans to teach meat science at the university level.

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