Meat in the News

Red Meat and Your Heart Health: Can You Have Your Steak and Eat it Too?

That ‘Blood’ In Your Meat Isn’t What You Think It Is

Specialty Steak Cut Unveiled By Reno Meat Science Professor

Why being able to distinguish between a good and a bad fat matters so much

CEV Multimedia And American Meat Science Association Develop New Industry Certification

University of Nevada meat professor finds new cut of steak - Bonanza - between ribs

We’re So Confused: The Problems With Food and Exercise Studies

What It Takes To Have a Winning Diet

Cargill expands antibiotic-free turkey line

New ways show how to reduce salmonella in meat products

McDonald’s is Making More Positive Changes to its Menu Items

Dickey's Barbecue commits to antibiotic-free chicken

Is “Sustainable Beef” Really A Thing?


New ways show how to reduce salmonella in meat products

Lactobacillus oligofermentans glucose, ribose and xylose transcriptomes show higher similarity between glucose and xylose catabolism-induced responses in the early exponential growth phase (pdf) 

McDonald’s Announces New Antibiotics Policy 

USDA Announces Reopening of Brazilian Market to U.S. Beef Exports 

Beef’ Beefs Up on Beef

British beef and lamb is sold in the US 20 years after the mad cow disease scandal

Saudi Arabia reopens market to U.S. beef

Certified Angus Beef LLC to receive Don L. Good Impact Award

FDA Determining How to Use ‘Natural’ on Food Labels

Bacteriophages can reduce Salmonella in meat products by 90%

5 ways to debunk myths that beef's not sustainable

Is that blood in my meat package? Latest MythCrusher video says no

Video: Eating Like A Pig: The Role Of Meat In The Human Diet


United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service

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