Video Podcasts

  • Safe Methods for Defrosting Frozen Meat Products

    Travis O’Quinn, Ph.D.., Assistant Professor and Meat Extension Specialists at Kansas State University discusses safe methods for defrosting frozen meat products.

    Recorded 11/18/2015

  • Grilling techniques

    MaryAnn Matney, Graduate Student in Meat Science at Kansas State University discusses grilling techniques.

    Recorded 11/18/2015

  • Food Safety in the Home

    Lynn Delmore, Ph.D., is a meat scientists who specializes in food safety in this video she discusses food safety in the home.

    Recorded 11/9/2015

  • Carbon Footprint of Livestock Production

    Jude Capper, Ph.D., Independent Sustainability Consultant speakers about Carbon Footprint of Livestock Production.

    Recorded 11/9/2015

  • What Constitutes All Natural

    Deb VanOverbeke, Associate Professor, Department of Animal Science, Oklahoma State University discusses what constitutes “All Natural.”

    Recorded 9/8/2015

  • What Ingredients commonly go into hot dogs and sausages.

    Jeff Sindelar, Associate Professor and Extension Meat Specialists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, discusses what Ingredients commonly go into hot dogs and sausages.

    Recorded 9/8/2015

  • Grass vs. Grain Finished Beef

    Robert Delmore, Professor, Colorado State University discusses the difference between grass and grain finished beef.

    Recorded 6/10/2015

Video Podcasts and Webinars

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  • Meat in the Diet


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