What’s in a food label? Organic

Oct 23, 2015

By Contributing Author: Janeal Yancey, Ph.D., University of ArkansasJanealYancey

Just a few of the regulations for organic farming include:

  • Animals must be fed only Organic feed
  • Animals are only allowed to graze Organic pasture
  • Animal must be allowed to graze 120 days of the year (and they must eat the grass when grazing, not just hang out in the field)
  • They may not be continually confined indoors
  • They are not allowed to be given any growth promoting hormones or antibiotics
  • Healthy animals MAY be given vaccines to prevent illness

usda_organicThese are by no means ALL the rules when it comes to raising organic livestock, but these are the main points. In order to use the official Organic label, a food must be made from 95% or greater organic ingredients. If a food has greater than 70% organic ingredients, the label can state that it is made with ‘Organic ingredients.’ If it is less than 70% organic, the organic ingredients are just listed on the ingredient statement.

Organic is not the same as Natural.

Dr. Yancey is a mom of two fabulous little girls and an advocate of the meat industry. She has a passion for providing education and information to anyone who has questions, follow her blogs to stay informed!

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