Common Meat Industry Terms

Apr 21, 2016

According to the American Farm Bureau the average American consumer is at least three generations removed from the farm. As the majority of the population becomes more removed from the farm, there is a greater need for those involved in agriculture to provide informational resources and learning opportunities to the consumer.  The meat industry uses several words that may be unfamiliar to consumer and cause concern with the product they are eating. Here are a few words that are used in the industry:

  • Blade tenderization:  a process used to make meat more tender by inserting a set of small blades into through the meat to break up the muscle fibers
  • Carcass: the portion of an animal that is used for consumption.
  • Cooking loss: the portion of the raw weight lost in the cooking process, made up of water and fats
  • Inspection: the processes of checking the monitoring the process to ensure the wholesomeness of the food supply. Inspection takes place in the yards, during the slaughtering process, the meat is continually inspected from the time an animal arrives on site until the meat is shipped.
  • Post-mortem: refers to the animal after death
  • Rind: skin of pig
  • Slaughter: the killing of animals for the preparation of human consumption
  • Vacuum packaging: storage of meat in the absence of oxygen or other gases

There are many more terms that are used in the industry. Let us know what terms you are interested in learning more about online at:

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