Insight into the Meat Industry

Jun 02, 2016

Comments are often made about the disconnect between the meat industry and the consumers. It is easy for consumer to understand the side of agriculture that is animals grazing in a pasture or watching the young stock grow throughout the spring and summer. It is harder for them to connect to and understand about what happens in a meat packing plant, without being able to see it. The barrier preventing consumers from understanding what happens in a meat plant is now being removed in an effort by the industry to be more transparent to the consumers. A project of the North American Meat Institute and Dr. Temple Grandin, an animal welfare expert, documents the process and creates the opportunity for consumers to better understand the process.

The video series features an honest look at the process from the time the animals leave the farm and continues to the fabrication process. Throughout the videos, Dr. Grandin provides insights into the Humane Slaughter Act and the animal auditing system that is used to monitor animal behavior in many plants.

The meat industry wants to share with consumers the emphasis they place on animal welfare and importance of humane handling to their business.





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