Annual Business Meeting (2004)

Tuesday, June 22, 2004
University of Kentucky, Lexington

Note: A number of references are made to the AMSA Annual Report. The 2004 report can be viewed in PDF format through this link.

Call to Order

President Craig Bacon (Tyson Foods) called the meeting to order at 7:15 a.m.

President Bacon welcomed all to the meeting. He thanked the AMSA Staff for the work they had done through the year. He also recognized and thanked the University of Kentucky RMC Host Committee for their oustanding job of organizing the 2004 RMC.

President's Report

President Bacon reported on the activities and progress of the association over the previous year (see annual report for details of President's Report).

Secretary-Treasurer Report

Secretary-Treasurer Ann Hollingsworth (Better Built Foods) presented the financial report (see annual report). She noted that membership numbers have trended downward for the past few years. The association ended up with a net profit in 2003 and is budgeted to break even in 2004. The association is moving in the right direction financially, but must maintain fiscal discipline to continue.

AMSA Educational Foundation

Foundation Board of Trustees Vice Chair, Larry Borchert (U. Wisconsin) presented the report of the Foundation's activities. Report contents downloadable in PDF format.

AMSA Student Board of Directors

2003-04 Student Board President, Christine Quinlan (Michigan State U.) presented a report of student board activities in 2003-04. Major accomplishments included:

* The first Taste of RMC was successfully held at the beginning of the RMC.
* The students organized and conducted a student breakfast on the first morning of RMC.
* The students organized and conducted the third annual career fair.
* The students organized three reciprocation sessions oriented toward student needs to be included in the RMC program on Wednesday morning.

Quinlan reported that the 2004-05 board wanted to look for ways to have student activities throughout the year. In addition, they are planning a set of student activities for the 2005 ICoMST, including a career fair and a second Taste of RMC.

2005 ICoMST Organizing Committee

Committee Chair R.B. Sleeth introduced ICoMST subcommittee chairs to present the ICoMST Organizing Committee Report.


David Anderson presented the report of the ICoMST Finance Committee. Anderson reported that $270,000 of a $350,000 fundraising goal had been met to date. He listed the donors (seewww.icomst.org/donors.htm) and indicated that additional fundraising from industry and institutional sources would be continuing.


David Meisinger presented a budget summary for the congress.


Mel Hunt (Kansas State U.) presented the publications report. He noted that the following publications will be made available to all meeting attendees:

Invited Presentation Papers
Book of Abstracts
Searchable CD with Presentations, Abstracts, Papers

Hunt emphasized the importance of all AMSA members submitting their research work for inclusion in the Congress. He also stressed that submissions must be made on time.

Technical Program

Chris Calkins (U. Nebraska) presented the technical program planning report. The following topics are scheduled to be addressed at the Congress.

* Meat and Health
* Product Quality
* Food Safety/Pathogens
* Packaging
* Food Safety/Regulatory perspective
* Genomics and Proteomics
* Reciprocation fair
* International Issues
* Processing

Meals & Events

Cameron Faustman (U. Connecticut) presented the Meals & Events report. Major ICoMST events will include a Sunday evening reception, Monday evening social activity & meal - likely held at the Maryland Science Center and a banquet on the final evening. Plans are also being made for conference luncheons and other assorted meals.


Jimmy Keeton (Texas A&M U.) presented the Publicity report. Work is complete on a preliminary brochure and promotional video which will be taken to the '04 ICoMST in Finland. Pinkerton Communications, LLC is continuing progress on a marketing and publicity plan, including press releases and working with the media at the Congress.

Tours & Non-Delegate Programs

Steve Goll presented the Tours and Non-Delegate Programs report. The committee is planning a number of tour options for Wednesday during the conference, including slaughter & processing facilities, livestock operations and aquaculture. The American Meat Institute is also hosting a tour during the conference that will focus on Washington DC.


Joe Sebranek (Iowa State U.) reported that the Hospitality committee is working to identify ways to make attendees feel welcome during the conference. AMSA members will be asked to volunteer for assignments in this area. The committee will also be selecting gifts, portfolios, etc. for the attendees.


Steve Campano (Trumark) reported that a number of traditional RMC events were being included in the ICoMST program. He challenged the membership to work hard to be sure that as many students as possible were able to attend the Congress.

Resolutions & Necrology Report

Jimmy Wise (USDA AMS) presented the Resolutions and Necrology Report. The complete text of the report can be viewed in PDF format from this link.

2006 RMC

President Bacon announced that the AMSA Board of Directors had accepted an invitation from the University of Illinois to hold the 2006 RMC June 18-21 in Champaign-Urbana on the U. Illinois campus.


RMC Chair Liz Boyle (Kansas State U.) made announcements concerning the remaining activities for the week.

President Bacon adjourned the meeting at 8:45 a.m.

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