Mark Miller, Texas Tech University

Mark Miller


AMSA Member since:

  • 1995 – present

Current AMSA Committees:

  • RMC Planning Committee
  • Intercollegiate Meat Coaches Association
  • Processed Meats Judging
  • A division Task force
  • Endowment for IMC.

Previous AMSA Committees

  • In addition to all of the about committees
  • Undergraduate travel award
  • Graduate student research competition both MS and PhD
  • Processed Meats

RMC Participation in past five years

  • Yes I have attended the past 5 RMC's. I have been chair for three concurrent secession, given three presentations and helped co-chair the processed Meat Judging Contest.

Other Committees/Organizations you are involved with:

  • Missions Outreach in Mexico and Africa with the Abernathy United Church

  • Chrysalis Board

  • San Antonio Live Stock Show Livestock committee

What do you believe the role of AMSA should be in an evolving meat science community?

AMSA should continue to be the leader in developing programs which will attract and develop the future leaders for the Meat Industry.  AMSA should also become the proactive voice of the Meat Industry based on sound science for not only the US but the global Meat Industry.

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