Bylaws of the American Meat Science Association

Proposed Bylaw Amendment

In the spring of 2018, the AMSA Board, in collaboration with the AMSA Development Council (formerly the Foundation Board of Trustees), proposed a bylaw change to membership to update the legal status of the Foundation. Upon further review by AMSA legal counsel, the proposed name change did not meet the legal standards for AMSA’s non-profit status.

At the 2018 RMC, a Council Task Force was established to determine the steps to outline appropriate legal description for the Foundation, while maintaining the integrity of the Council's mission, the work of its Members and most importantly, the integrity of a donor’s gift intent. Incorporating findings from the 2018 AMSA organization audit and with input from AMSA board members and Council members, new standard operating procedures were written and a new designation for the council was suggested.

Please go online for more information and to view the proposed bylaws amendment for consideration by the membership. The amendment was prepared by a task force consisting of members of the Board of Directors and the Development Council (formerly the Foundation Board of Trustees).

Current AMSA Bylaws

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