10-30 Year Planning Horizon: Envisioned Future

Envisioned future conveys a concrete, but yet unrealized, vision for the organization. It consists of a big audacious goal – a clear and compelling catalyst that serves as a focal point for effort – and a vivid description – vibrant and engaging descriptions of what it will be like to achieve the big audacious goal.

Big Audacious Goal

Be the premiere Scientific Association that promotes creation, dissemination and application of science to produce and distribute safe, high quality meat.

Vivid Descriptions

AMSA’s community of members will be globally recognized as an independent organization for unbiased scientific information concerning meat.

AMSA will provide member services to enhance professional development, including e-learning modules, continuing education, certification, etc.

AMSA will facilitate meat science research funding.

AMSA will be self-sustaining and financially sound.

AMSA will initiate international meetings and partnerships.

AMSA will be the source of new leadership, scientists and technologists for the industry and will promote careers in meat science.

AMSA will facilitate student development and work to improve student retention.

AMSA will grow memberships internationally by including allied industries so that diversity in skills exists.

AMSA will anticipate and respond in a timely fashion to industry issues.

AMSA will initiate collaboration and partnerships for members.

AMSA membership and sustaining partnerships will be highly sought and valued.

AMSA will serve all entities in the food chain.

Meat science will be valued as a discipline in the greater scientific community.

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