Key Result Areas

Key Result Areas are outcome-oriented categories that represent what will constitute the organization’s future success. The achievement of objectives within each area will move AMSA towards the realization of its vision. The key result areas are not in any order of priority. Every area will need to be addressed if the organization is to fully achieve its vision.

Knowledge Source

AMSA will be increasingly recognized by the global meat science community to be the primary resource for assimilating and delivering relevant and timely knowledge.

Industry and Academic Leadership

AMSA will be sought out as a valued partner and leading authority in meat science and technology.

Professional Development

AMSA will be valued for providing continuing education and leadership opportunities in service to members, students and industry professionals.

Membership and Community

AMSA’s membership community will consistently grow in numbers, diversity of expertise, and in levels of engagement.


AMSA’s organizational structure will be aligned with its strategic goals and will have the resources in place to meet those goals.

Social Media