Mega-issues are issues of strategic importance that represent challenges the organization will need to face in defining the ultimate direction of its long-range plan. These issues represent potential impediments to achievement of the envisioned future and form a basis for dialogue about the choices facing the organization. These questions can also serve as an ongoing menu of strategic issues that the board can use—in a knowledge-based approach to gathering insights relative to AMSA’s strategic position and directional choices—to create regular opportunities for strategic dialogue about the issues facing the organization.

  • Member Engagement & Member Services – how do we manage membership growth and maintain/increase engagement of members in the association?
  • How do we adapt our systems to compensate for growth of budgets and programs, particularly for management of budgets and reporting?
  • What are the key areas of research funding that need to be addressed for meat science? How do we ensured continuity and growth of the academic meat science community?
  • With a growing disconnect between consumers and their food, how does AMSA bridge the knowledge gap with consumers effectively, particularly in the areas of production technologies and animal welfare?
  • As the meat industry experiences more global integration, how does that affect the association’s relationship with its partners? What opportunities does it present?

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