Alumni & Friends Virtual Meat Judging Contest

Do you miss long van trips? Or the bulk of cooler coats? Or the festivities after the awards banquet? You can relive those days (virtually) and participate in the premier meat judging contest that will financially support AMSA Meat Judging and Youth Programs Endowment and allow you a chance to relive your glorious college days.

The AMSA Development Council is excited to host the first virtual Alumni & Friends Meat Judging Contest! The contest will be held virtually on November 27-29, 2020 on the www.judge2wincamp.com site. Teams and individuals are able to compete for bragging rights and unique prizes! Contact Rachel Adams with any additional questions.


Amateur Division Scores

Master's Division Scores

Decade Results


All registration fees will go directly to the AMSA Youth Programs and Meat Judging Endowment.

  • Master's Division - $1000/team of four - Cherry pick your team to compete in the Master's Division
  • Amateur Division - $100/person. No judging experience needed! Compete in the amateur division as an individual! You can also request to be placed either on a specific team or a random team!
  • Phone A Friend - The following contest advantages can also be purchased to serve as bonus team members to advise your team. *Unlimited number of Phone A Friends can be purchased, but availability may be limited.
                o Current Meat judging Team Member - $50/team member
                o Past Meat Judging All American - $50/team member
                o Current Meat Judging Coach - $100/coach
  • Registration is due by Thursday, November 19 

Contest Format

Each team member and participant will receive a login and code to access the Judge2WinCamp site. The contest will open at 12:00pm central time on Friday, November 27 and all classes must be submitted by 4:00pm central time on Sunday, November 29.Team members and individuals can log on at any time to complete the contest while the site is open. 

  1. Five Placing Classes with 10 Questions Each
  2. Five Placing Classes
  3. 15 Yield and Quality Grading Carcasses
  4. Classes can include: Beef Carcasses, Beef Rounds, Beef Ribs, Beef Full or Short Loins, Pork Carcasses, Pork Loins, Hams, Lamb Carcasses
  5. One class can be a 'Wild Card' class which could include retro judging classes (ex. Square Cut Chucks, Processed Meats (Bacon, Cured Hames, etc.), and others


Awards will be announced Monday, November 30th at 6:00pm Central time.  

  • Top Team Overall
  • Top Individual Overall
  • Top Individual with Judging Decades - 2010's, 2000's, 90's, 80's, and Hardbones (70's and earlier)


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