Paul Berg, Candidate for Mentor Recognition

Paul Berg

Dr. Paul Berg, his work through teaching, extension, research, and service represents an extraordinary and lasting contribution to the meat industry.  Dr. Berg epitomizes the values and the mission of the American Meat Science Association. Dr. Berg has been a member of AMSA and parent associations for decades.  Most impressively, Paul has served as an official committee member 64 times at AMSA sanctioned judging contest in addition to serving as an official committee member for the National Meat Animal Evaluation contest 34 times.  Dr. Berg’s impact on thousands of students that attended North Dakota State University and thousands more that participated in intercollegiate meat judging and the meat animal evaluation contest has been profound.  For his unmatched efforts in intercollegiate meat judging, Paul was recognized by AMSA with the Meritorious Service Award for Intercollegiate Meat Judging in 2007.  Additionally, in 2009 he was honored by AMSA with the Signal Service award and was named as a Fellow of the American Meat Science Association.  Dr. Berg is also an emeriti member of AMSA, and he continues to regularly attend RMC and contributes greatly to Intercollegiate Meat Judging.  Dr. Berg further served AMSA as a co-host for the 2012 RMC hosted in Fargo, where he introduced the membership to NDSU’s BBQ Bootcamp legacy.

Continuing the Legacy

 The funds from this mentorship will go toward the Meat Judging program, which fosters future leaders, researchers and communicators by equipping them with skills needed to make positive contributions in industry, academia and government. Gifts to the meat judging fund will be used for costs associated with the contests, awards, AMSA Meat Judging Internship Program and other activities associated with meat judging.



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