Carr Fund Races Toward Completion

Mar 23, 2016

The mentor recognition fund honoring Dr. Tom Carr is nearing completion. Friends and colleagues have contributed over $22,000, and a few more charter donors ($500 or more) can propel the fund over its $25,000 goal. The AMSA Educational Foundation will present Dr. Carr's award this June at the RMC in San Angelo, Texas.  The proceeds from this fund will support AMSA youth activities, including the meat judging program.

Dr. Carr is a renowned mentor  and coach of university meat judging and meat animal evaluation teams. He is credited with helping send more than 50 percent of meats team participants on to meat industry employment or to the pursuit of advanced degrees. To leave words of congratulations, share a memory, or make a donation of any size, visit Dr. Carr's mentor recognition page.



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