Mentor Recognition Funds Make First-Time Investments in Students

Sep 28, 2016

The AMSA Foundation is celebrating a milestone for several mentor recognition funds: they have gained the interest income to begin re-investing in the careers of AMSA students. "Six funds made their first grants this year," explained Executive Director Thomas Powell. "Donors who honored these noteworthy mentors are now seeing their contributions carry the mentors' legacies into the future -- by creating more opportunities for students."

Loni WoolleyLoni Woolley-Lucherk (pictured) of Texas Tech University is the first recipient of the (Robert) Cassens Scholar Award. This award will help her complete and communicate the results of her Ph.D. research involving meat quality and palatability.

Hallie Hutto (Texas Tech University) and Joanna Swenson (Colorado State University) gained valuable skills as AMSA summer communications interns. Among other things, they helped create the Guidebook application for RMC, assisted with RMC, and worked on the consumer website The Meat We Eat. The lessons they learned and the valuable connections they made were backed by the John Forrest and R. C. Parrish funds.

The C. Boyd Ramsey fund assisted several students in attending RMC. The Jimmy Wise mentor recognition fund began providing the new high team awards for the International Meats Judging Contest. The National 4-H Meats Judging Contest was made possible this year, in part, by a grant from the Gary Smith fund.

Completed mentor recognition funds require eighteen months to two years to mature so that expenditures may be made from the proceeds of the funds and not the principal. For more information about the AMSA Educational Foundation, visit http://meatscience.org/amsa-foundation.



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