Foundation Creates Legacy Recognition to Honor Lifetimes of Impact

Oct 31, 2016

First Candidates Announced

The AMSA Educational Foundation has created a new recognition award. “This honor memorializes members who are distinguished by a career’s worth of boots-on-the-ground effort that advanced the livestock and meat industry across multiple companies or organizations,” explains Foundation Trustees Chair Keith Belk. “I know of no other place where meat scientists can be honored for such wide and lasting impact.”

The scientists selected for this distinction have dedicated a career to improving the safety, quality and profitability of the livestock and meat industry. Belk continues, “This award allows us to recognize the significant gift of a lifetime of effort that benefits all of us.” The Legacy Recognition also enables AMSA to share the stories of the past that will help inspire future leaders.

David Anderson and Ken Johnson are the first to be nominated for the Legacy Recognition. The Legacy program funds are targeted to the Foundation's Innovation Fund, which underwrites new programs and initiatives of the American Meat Science Association. The Foundation will be releasing more information in the coming weeks. To learn more, visit www.meatscience.org/legacy.



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