Foundation Only $3000 from Year-End Goal

Dec 15, 2016
Keith Belk, Chairman, AMSA Educational Foundation Board of Trustees


Your continuing generosity to the AMSA Educational Foundation in time, effort and funding has built up AMSA programs, activities, and especially people. Your involvement has made a measurable difference in the lives of students, young professionals, and the field of meat science. Thank you!

This summer, the trustees set a record-breaking goal of $35,000 for last quarter donations, and members have risen to the challenge! Only 3,000 dollars is needed to meet the goal. The Trustees encourage you to join us in translating our passion for meat science into opportunities for upcoming scientists. Please consider making a tax-deductible year-end gift. To be credited as 2016 gifts, website contributions must be completed or mailed checks must be postmarked no later than December 31, 2016.

Your gift to the Innovation Fund underwrites student development, new programs and high impact initiatives. You can honor colleagues and beloved mentors with your gift to their mentor funds. Donations support scholarships, activities, leadership development and educational programs that enrich careers and build bridges with those outside the scientific community. The Educational Foundation has established a new, prestigious recognition which celebrates members whose influences have had a lasting legacy that fundamentally changed the meat industry: the AMSA Legacy Recognition Program. Donations strengthen the Foundation’s Innovation Fund. Ken Johnson and Dave Anderson are the first candidates for this honor.

Make this the most generous fourth quarter in Foundation history with your support of AMSA. Enjoy a happy holiday season!

How to Offer Your Support

  1. Visit http://www.meatscience.org/foundation for more information and to donate online. 
  2. Make checks to “AMSA Foundation”
    Please write the name of the fund you wish to support on the memo line and mail to:
    American Meat Science Association
    26145 Network Place
    Chicago, IL 60673-1261 US

New mentor recognition funds will carry on legacies of beloved AMSA mentors:
Craig Bacon, Tyson              to fund scholarships and meat judging contingencies
Gordon Davis, CEV              to support intercollegiate meat judging
Jimmy Keeton, TAMU           to fund high impact activities through the Innovation Fund
Chris Raines, Penn State      to support ag advocacy and consumer outreach efforts
Jeff Savell, TAMU                 to develop student leadership and meat judging activities

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