The Board of Trustees

Foundation Logo SmallThe following AMSA members, with their position and term of office, serve as Trustees on the Foundation Board.

Foundation Trustee Meetings

An annual meeting of the Foundation Board will be held concurrent with the annual meeting of the AMSA. Additional meetings will be held as necessary. All decisions by the Foundation Board will be made by majority vote when a quorum (4 of the 7) of voting members are present. Electronic balloting may be used as a binding means of decision-making.

Board Officers

The officers of the Foundation Board consist of the Board Chair and Vice Chair. The officers are elected by the Foundation Board from among its members. The AMSA Secretary-Treasurer serves as the Treasurer of the Foundation Board.

  • The Board Chair:
    • Ensures the effective action of the Board in governing and supporting the Foundation.
    • Represents the Foundation to the AMSA membership.
    • Develops agendas for meetings in concert with the AMSA Executive Director.
    • Presides at board meetings.
    • Appoints committees as necessary.
  • The Vice Chair:
    • Presides over meetings in the absence of the Chair.
    • Chairs the donor recognition committee.
  • The Treasurer (AMSA Treasurer):
    • Ensures that appropriate financial reports are made available to the Foundation Board.
    • Reports to the Board the findings and recommendations of the Foundation's annual financial statement auditor's report.
    • Recommends and manages investments (with the Executive Director)
    • Acts a liaison between the AMSA Board and the Foundation Board.

Trustee Responsibilities

  • Support the purpose of the Foundation.
  • Communicate the purpose and work of the Foundation to AMSA's members and other constituency groups.
  • Serve on committees of the board as appointed by the chair.
  • Prepare for and attend Board and committee meetings.
  • Assume leadership roles in fundraising campaigns and special events.
  • Make a personal gift to the Foundation.

Role of the Board of Trustees

  • Pursue fulfillment of the Foundation purpose.
  • Establish operating and fiscal policy for the Foundation.
  • Coordinate fundraising
  • Maintain communication with AMSA members.
  • Maintain a donor relations program.
  • Monitor and evaluate the Foundation's performance in relation to its goals and objectives.
  • Ensure fiscal accountability through the budget approval process and review of audited financial statements.

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