Derico Setyabrata


The 69th Reciprocal Meat Conference was held in San Angelo, Texas. In this RMC I was very fortunate as I was given an additional support by AMSA. I was awarded with the C. Boyd Ramsey Scholar Award travel scholarship which allowed me to come and participate in more events in the 69th RMC. This support also helps me in fulfilling my goals for this RMC which were to participate in Quiz Bowl and Undergraduate Student Research competition, gained more knowledge through the sessions and network with more people than last year.

The 69th RMC started with the Processed Meat Judging Competition for me. The competition was held on Friday June 17th. It was the first processed meat judging competition held in RMC and was also the first judging competition that I attended. The competition was a really good exposure for me to judging competition. The experience will be a good help for me to be more competitive in the upcoming competition. I also joined the Iron Chef competition this time. It was a really enjoyable event as I was able to work and meet with great people from other universities. I also enjoyed the fact that we were able to play around and be creative using beef tongue. This event provided me the exciting chance to try some uncommon beef cut that I have never tried before. Our product might not win during the event but it was truly a great time for all the participants.

The next two events were one of my main reasons for coming to the conference. On Sunday June 19th I participated in both Undergraduate Student Research Competition and also the Quiz Bowl competition. Both were an absolutely terrific event. For the Quiz Bowl competition, it was the first time for Purdue University to send quiz bowl teams to participate in the competition. Though we were not able to win the competition, it was a good learning experience and a good start for our quiz bowl teams. The Quiz Bowl competition is undoubtedly a fun, exciting and competitive event. I was also really excited to be able to join the Undergraduate ePoster competition. There was a total of 8 undergraduate students competing in the competition. Though it was a competitive event, everyone was really supportive to each other. I was able to obtain the first place for the competition, which definitely made all my hard work for the competition worth it. This experience really did improve my confidence and my excitement for research as I am starting graduate school.

Other than all the competitions, the sessions were also something that I looked forward to. Just as last year, there were numerous interesting sessions that I wanted to attend. Out of all the sessions that I attended, I found the last concurrent sessions discussing about food security as the best sessions that I attended this year. I have always been interested in food security and this session did provide me the chance to actually connect with the correct people that actually have the same interest as me. Since this was actually the second RMC that I attended, it was actually less stressful to talk and network to the other people. I felt that the conversations that I made in the last RMC helped me to actually reconnect and create a bigger network this time.

Overall, this was an amazing and beneficial RMC. All the sessions and events that I attended were excellent and very helpful in updating my knowledge. I attended more events in this RMC which gave me more opportunity to actually network and connect with more people compared to last year. I was also able to participate in both quiz bowl and the Undergraduate Student Research Competition and had a really good result for it. It was a truly satisfying RMC and the experience I obtained will certainly help me in the future. Thank you for the support that the AMSA gave to me to attend this meeting. I am looking forward to attend and gain more knowledge in the next RMC.

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