Faith Rasmussen

Faith Rasmussen - Kansas State

Faith Rasmussen, a student at Kansas State University, is finishing her bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Industry along with her minor in Leadership Studies. As an undergraduate, she decided to focus her degree on Meat Science, and since then has enjoyed all of the educational experiences that have come from success through Meat Judging, the opportunity to network with other like-minded scientists at RMC, and a quality assurance internship with Armour Eckrich Foods. Faith has designed many food research and development projects, from Blue Corn Chicken Nuggets to Asian Flair Pork Jerky. Furthermore, she hopes through a master’s degree program she will be able to use her education to enhance the functionality of ingredients in processed meats. Finally, she hopes to coach a meat judging team and instill in other undergraduates her love and passion for meat science and the AMSA.

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