Taylor Wolfer

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This was my second time visiting Texas, and my first time in San Angelo.  It was a long drive from Iowa State, and the van was packed with seven outstanding undergraduate quiz bowlers, a meat science post-doc, a fellow graduate student, my quiz bowl co-coach and myself.  Sunday I had the pleasure of watching my quiz bowl teams both perform really well in the undergraduate quiz bowl competition.  I also enjoyed the sessions and all the networking opportunities.  The e-posters and student research presentations were inspiring, and they provided me with insight and considerations for my own research. One thing I have noticed as I attend more RMCs, is that my group of friends and connections extend further and further each year.  The mentor breakfast was a great way to learn about different areas of the industry and to mingle with other students and industry professionals.  I am looking forward to returning to Texas again next year for another wonderful RMC.

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