The Achievement Award

Sponsored in 2021 by Burke Corporation

The AMSA Achievement Award, established in 1992, recognizes young AMSA members who demonstrate significant scientific skills in muscle foods research and technology that contribute to the animal products industry and the AMSA.

2021 Tracy Scheffler University of Florida
2021 Thu Dinh Mississippi State University
2021 Mahesh N. Nair Colorado State University

2020 O'Quinn, Travis Kansas State University
2020 Sullivan, Gary University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2020 Boler, Dustin Topigs Norsvin
2019 Garner, Carrie Tyson Foods, Inc. 
2019 Legako, Jerrad Texas Tech University
2019 Ramanathan, Ranjith Oklahoma State University
2018 Poulson, Joseph Kalsec
2018 Bass, Phil University of Idaho
2018 Kim, Brad Purdue University
2017 Dilger, Anna  University of Illinois 
2017  Hodgen, Jennie  Merck 
2017 Underwood, Keith  South Dakota State University 
2016 Booren, Betsy North American Meat Institute
2016 Larsen, Steve National Pork Board 
2016 Wasser, Bridget National Cattlemen's Beef Association 
2015  Knight, Timothy   
2015 Woerner, Dale R
 Colorado State University
2015 Yancey, Edward Tyson Foods, Inc.
2014 Mabry, Deidrea American Meat Science Association
2014 McKenna, Dave Tyson Fresh Meats
2014 Quinlan, Christine Tyson Foods, Inc.
2013 Bratcher, Christy Auburn University
2013 Houser, Terry Kansas State University
2013 Sindelar, Jeffrey J. University of Wisconsin-Madison
2012 Suman, Surendranath P. University of Kentucky
2012 Sammel, Lauren M. Kraft Foods Inc./Oscar Mayer Division
2012 Maddock, Robert J. North Dakota State University
2011 King, David "Andy" USDA-ARS, Meat Animal Research Center
2011 Rentfrow, Gregg University of Kentucky
2011 Schilling, Wes Mississippi State University
2010 Stika, John F. Certified Angus Beef, LLC
2010 Lawrence, Ty E. West Texas A&M University
2010 Schnell, Timothy D. Oscar Mayer a Divison of Kraft Foods
2009 Down, Amy E. Tyson Foods
2009 Brackenridge, Ann T. Cargill Meat Solutions
2009 Brashears, Mindy Texas Tech University
2008 Carr, Mandy A. National Cattlemen's Beef Association
2008 VanOverbeke, Deborah L. Oklahoma State University
2007 Delmore, Jr., Robert J. California Polytechnic University
2007 Hilton, Gretchen G. Oklahoma State University
2007 Kerth, Chris R. Auburn University
2006 Cassens, Martha E. Sara Lee Corporation
2006 Osburn, Wesley N. Texas A&M University
2006 Brooks, J.Chance Texas Tech University
2005 Lorenzen, Carol L. University of Missouri
2005 Osburn, Wesley N. Texas A & M University
2005 Schultz Kaster, Collette M. Premium Standard Farms
2004 Huffman, Randall D. American Meat Institute Foundation
2004 Nold, Rosemarie A. University of Nebraska
2004 Wulf, Duane M. South Dakota State University
2003 Berg, Eric P. University of Missouri
2003 Harris, Joseph J. Southwest Meat Association
2003 Pohlman, Fred W. University of Arkansas
2002 Apple, Jason K. University of Arkansas
2002 Huff-Lonergan, Elisabeth J. Iowa State University
2002 Lonergan, Steven M. Iowa State University
2001 Campbell, Robert E. Dial Corporation
2001 Cutter, Catherine N. The Pennsylvania State University
2001 Harris, Kerri B. International HACCP Alliance
2000 Boles, Jane Ann Montana State University
2000 Gerrard, David E. Purdue University
2000 Shand, Phyllis J. University of Saskatchewan
1999 Bacon, Craig D. Tyson Foods
1999 Boyle, Elizabeth A.E. Kansas State University
1999 Shackleford, Steven D. Meat Animal Research Center
1998 Belk, Keith E. Colorado State University
1998 Mikel, William Benjy University of Kentucky
1998 van Laack, Riette University of Tennesee
1997 Frye, Casey B. Burke Marketing Corp.
1997 Griffin, Davey B. Texas A & M University
1997 Johnson, Jennifer L. Diebel Laboratories
1996 Barbut, Shai University of Guelph
1996 Morgan, James Brad Oklahoma State University
1996 Wheeler, Tommy L. USDA-Agricultural Research Service
1995 Claus, James R. Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
1995 Kotula, Kathryn L. University of Delaware
1995 Xiong, Youling L. University of Kentucky
1994 Faustman, L. Cameron University of Connecticut
1994 Hollingsworth, C. Ann Bil Mar Foods
1994 Miller, Markus F. Texas Tech University
1993 Decker, Eric A. University of Kentucky
1993 Goll, Steven J. Oscar Mayer Foods Corp.
1993 Hand, Larry W. Oklahoma State University
1992 Amundson, Curtis M. Oscar Mayer Foods Corp.
1992 Lesiak, Michael T. Armour Swift-Echrich
1992 Miller, Rhonda K. Texas A & M University

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