The AMSA Special Recognition

The AMSA Special Recognition Award was established to honor an individual for truly significant, exceptional and lasting service to either the AMSA or the meat industry.

2020 D. Mabry American Meat Science Association 
2016 L.Yates
2013 J.W. Wise American Meat Science Association
2011 T. Grandin Colorado State University
2010 S. C. Olson USDA, AMS
2009 J. P. Boyle American Meat Institute
2006 R.B. Sleeth & Stan Rickert 2005 ICoMST Chairs
2006 C.A. Hollingsworth Better Built Foods
2005 D.J. Meisinger National Pork Board
2005 J.O. Reagan National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
2003 R. Rust, R. Mandigo, M.Judge Processed Meats Clinic Founders
2002 R. Mucklow National Meat Association
1999 T. Buker Missouri Farm Bureau
1997 D.H. Stroud Channel Earth
1993 B.C. Breidenstein National Live Stock and Meat Board
1992 J.L. Huston National Live Stock and Meat Board
1990 H.K. Johnson National Live Stock and Meat Board
1986 J.C. Filiatreau National Live Stock and Meat Board
1983 K.R. Franklin National Live Stock and Meat Board
1981 R.B. Sleeth Armour Food Company
1975 W.C. Sherman National Live Stock and Meat Board
1974 C.H. Adams University of Nebraska
1973 H.D. DeGraff American Meat Institute

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