Email all nomination materials as one file (titled -Name of Nominee_Award Name) to Awards@meatscience.orgby February 20, 2018.  If you are unable to submit the nomination electronically, please contact Rachel Adams (radams@meatscience.org) for assistance with the nomination.

Prepare the following nomination materials:

  1. A cover letter from the nominator, certifying the nominee's eligibility for the award.
  2. A typewritten biography (1 page, single-spaced).
  3. A nomination statement: to include a discussion of nominee's contributions and their significance to the meat industry, making specific reference to programs, projects and/or publications that relate to the eligibility description for the specific award. This discussion should be as complete as possible without exceeding two (2) double-spaced typewritten pages(four (4) pages for the Achievement Award - see award description).
  4. Endorsement letters: Neither less than two, nor more than five (5) letters may be attached for all awards (except the Achievement award, which has a maximum of three (3) letters). Letters should be from representatives of the institution/organization with which the nominee is affiliated (his/her administrators, colleagues or associates) and other persons in the field of meat science and technology or the meat industry, citing the nominee's qualifications with regard to the specific award description.
  5. list of publications, patents or other relevant articles of which the nominee is an author (not applicable to the Achievement or Meat Judging Meritorious Service awards).
  6. 600 to 700-word citation appropriate for publication in the RMC proceedings (300 to 500 words for the Achievement Award).

Email all materials by February 20, 2018 as one file (titled -Name of Nominee_Award Name) to Awards@meatscience.org

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