AMSA Meat Industry Certifications

AMSA has partnered with iCEV Multimedia to create two industry relevant certifications for high school students.  More states are measuring the success of Career and Technical Education programs by the number of students who achieve industry certifications that are identified and respected by business and industry partners. Because AMSA is the premier provider of learning and knowledge for the meat science discipline, these certifications were developed as a means to enhance and expand education for a future generation of meat scientists.

Meat Evaluation Certification

The Meat Evaluation Certification requires students to define the major factors utilized in carcass grading and evaluation. They are asked to display a thorough understanding of meat carcass quality grading, meat handling and food safety as well as the slaughter and fabrication process. The certification consists of 12 modules and a 100-question final certification exam.

Food Safety Certification

The Food Safety & Science Certification provides students with an in-depth knowledge of food safety procedures and standards in the food industry. In addition, concepts such as chemical properties and processes, food handling and storage, foodborne illnesses, and principles of HACCP are covered. The certification consists of 18 modules and a 100-question final certification exam.


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