AMSA RMC Supplier Showcase

Background and Exhibit Objectives:
AMSA will be providing Tech Tables to our current Sustaining Partners and Supplier Coalition Members, who will have the chance to engage and interact with key customers and decision makers leading technical direction and scientists from premier meat science universities who will attend the AMSA 77th RMC.  

In addition, as a Sustaining Partner and Supplier Coalition Member, your company will have the opportunity to participate in the RMC Supplier Showcase during RMC.

Tech Table Displays:
The goal of the Tech Tables is to offer small tabletop demonstrations and multimedia offerings to engage viewers and provide an avenue for robust discussion about the meat industry.

Tech Talks:
Sustaining Partners and Supplier Coalition Members may also choose to participate in Tech Talks. The talks will take place during the reciprocation sessions at RMC and are open to all RMC attendees to attend. The intention of these talks is to provide new and timely information about products and innovations that will be rolling out in the next year. Along with projects that address ongoing issues such as food waste, recycling, or sustainability. 

We will feature multiple talks per hour with an 8-minute maximum. Each participant should prepare a 5-6-minute overview to highlight and share important research and technology updates within their respective companies. The overview should be followed by 2-3 minutes of questions and the opportunity to interact with attendees at their Tech Tables following the presentations. New this year we will be reaching out to our Sustaining Partners and Supplier Coalition members to see if they would like to participate in a post RMC Tech Talk webinar series. This will give the opportunity for those unable to attend RMC and the Tech Talks a chance to hear this new information as well.

AMSA Career and Networking Fair:

The AMSA RMC Career and Networking Fair will take place Sunday, June 16, 2024, from 1:00-4:30 pm. The graduate and undergraduate students attending the RMC are currently pursuing degrees in animal science, meat science, food science or other closely related fields. These students are top-notch in the field as most of them have experience with research, teaching, industry, and extension programs. There will be an opportunity to set up interviews during the Career and Networking Fair as well as throughout the week if you would like. Even if your company does not have any positions open at this time, we hope that you will still participate. Additionally, this is a great opportunity to identify individuals for future employment. As you complete the registration you will be asked a few questions to help us better prepare the students and professional attendees for the career fair.


All individuals from each company participating must be registered for the AMSA 77th RMC, as registration is not included with the complimentary Tech Tables, Tech Talks, or RMC Career and Networking Fair booths. Registration will be posted in 2024!

    Contact Information:

    Please contact Deidrea Mabry (or 773-913-2021), with any questions you might have regarding the different opportunities available to your company or questions concerning registration.

    Event Location:

    The 2024 RMC will take place Oklahoma City, OK.  The AMSA 77th 2024 RMC is hosted by Oklahoma State University.