Electronic ePoster Board Preparation Guidelines

RMC Template and ePoster Guidelines 

Please use the link below and the password to go to the AMSA Reciprocal Meat Conference
ePoster Community Page:


Password: rmc2019

 More information on your presentation time will be sent out the end of May.

ePoster Webinar

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Date: Tuesday, April 30 from 4-5PM EST
Join the ePosterBoards technical demo to learn the latest tips and tricks to creating your ePoster presentations. We will review the following information:

-ePoster Templates
-Formatting Guidelines
-How to make your ePoster visually interesting
-Do's and Don'ts for your ePoster
-How the ePosterBoards will operate on-site
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If you are unable to attend this demo, the recording will be posted here for everyone to view.
  • First slide should include objective, methods, results and conclusion and additional slides should be used if there is additional content, images, graphs and videos that needs to be displayed on your ePoster.
    • PPTx cannot exceed 4 slides
    • Font size, style and color can be adjusted to fit your specific ePoster. Please keep the AMSA logo in the header and include your abstract number in the top right corner of each slide.

IMPORTANT: Due to difference in operating system standards and character sets, mathematical formulas created in Windows often don’t display correctly on MAC OS, even in PowerPoint. Please convert formulas to images.

Please go online to download the RMC PPT templates for the ePoster presentations.

ePoster PPT must be submitted by: June 4, 2019. 

  • PPTx cannot exceed 4 slides
  • Presentations are designed in PPTX format eposter pic 1
  • Use one of the templates provide
  • Recommended fonts: Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman
  • Recommended font size: 28pt or larger
  • Slide/EPoster size: 40.97x23.04, which is a 16:9 ratio.
  • Single or Multiple pages/slides may be used for ePoster.
  • Multiple slides/pages should be used if there is additional content, images, graphs and videos that needs to be displayed on your ePoster.  While multiple pages are recommended, no more than 4 will be accepted.
  • If multiple pages are used, slides/pages need to be set for “mouse click” option for each slide/page to advance.
  • Videos, animations, graphs and images can be embedded into your ePoster.
  • Embedded video may be displayed in the following formats:
    • .mov, .mp4, .m4v, mpeg
  • The ePoster layout must be in landscape orientation.

2015 RMC ePoster Examples

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