Annual T-Shirt Auction

The Student Board of Directors will be hosting the TRADITIONAL T-Shirt Auction at the RMC Picnic!  All proceeds will go towards Youth Programs!

  1. Each participating university will donate a T-shirt for the auction.  T-shirts will be displayed near the silent auction throughout the week leading up to the live auction.
  2. Please turn in your t-shirt to the Student Board of Directors table by Monday, June 26, 2023-noon.

T-Shirt Contest Awards

  • "Top Seller"- The highest earning, with the most profitable design receiving will receive the award.
  • "People's Choice"- The best design will be receive the award based on votes.

Student Board of Directors Lead: Marcee Cooke- South Region Director and Anna Scott- At-large Director

Annual T-Shirt Auction Design Submission

Silent Auction

The Student Board of Directors and AMSA is looking for the generous support of the membership to provide some great items for the Silent Auction. Bidders will have the opportunity to bid in person at the 2023 RMC.  We are always appreciative of anything and everything that is donated but if you need some help coming up with something, some great ideas for donations could be any kind of meat memorabilia or décor, meat or steaks, cooking/grilling products, or a hunting/fishing trip. We would like to promote big ticket items but as mentioned, anything and everything is always greatly appreciated. We are excited to see all of you in St. Paul at the 2023 RMC!

All proceeds will go towards Youth Programs!

Student Board of Director Lead: Meggie Bertucci- East Region Director

  • For AMSA Silent Auction – Ship to arrive by June 20 or 21, 2023
    Intercontinental St. Paul Riverfront  Attention:  Deidrea Mabry – RMC 2023 – Silent Auction
  • Minnesota Office – 6/22-28/23
  • 11 Kellogg Blvd East
  • St Paul MN 55101-1005



2023 RMC Silent Auction RMC Form


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