Undergraduate Quiz Bowl Competition

Sunday, June 23

Time: 8:00 am–4:00 pm
Location: Embassy Suites

Registration Information

Click here to register to 2019 Quiz Bowl

Each school or university may enter two teams. A $50 entry fee will be assessed each team to offset the costs of materials. Registration is due two weeks prior to the start of RMC. 

The 2019 Quiz Bowl will be held Sunday June 23, 2019 during the 72nd  Reciprocal Meat Conference in Fort Collins, CO. The preliminary rounds will be held on Sunday morning, June 23, at the Embassy and the final round will be held Sunday evening following the Welcome Reception.


Click here to download the  RMC Quiz Bowl Rules

The rules and contest format will be the same as last year, but some key reminders are as follows:   

  1. This year, university teams MUST consists of 4 team members.  If for any reason a school is not able to find 4 eligible members, the team’s coach can contact the AMSA Coordinator to be paired with alternates from another school.  Alternate preference will be given to schools with less than 8 Quiz Bowl participates.  

  2. As in previous years, each team will be required to submit 30 new questions or 45 new questions if there are two teams from a given school with their registration. Similar to last year, if schools submit their questions with their registration BY May 23rd, that school will be entered into a drawing to receive a bi for Round 1 (Provided there is a bi in the bracket).

Schools with Two Teams:

For those schools with 2 teams, your teams will be designated a team color that is associated with the school. Please register only 4 students per team and then the day of competition we can make substitutions as needed.  

Submission of Quiz Bowl Questions:

As a reminder, one of the requirements for participation this year's competition is the submission of quiz bowl questions.  Each school must submit questions as outlined in the rules prior to participation.  Please email your questions to Rachel Adams (radams@meatscience.org).

School’s questions must be submitted by the registration deadline of May 23rd (30 days before RMC – Current deadline stated in the Quiz Bowl Rules and Guidelines).  Schools who submit their questions by this deadline will be entered into a drawing to receive a bi for Round 1 (Provided there is a bi in the bracket).  Questions MUST be submitted in Microsoft Excel with the following information: question, answer, topic area, difficulty (1=easy, 5=difficult), and reference source. (see page 4 for example formatting) for the school to be eligible for the drawing.  Acceptable resources include: textbooks, publications, websites, etc. NOT lecture notes.

PowerPoint Presentations:

The 2012 Quiz Bowl committee released the PowerPoint presentations from past years' (2007 and previous) Quiz Bowl Competitions, please be advised that the committee is not responsible for outdated/inaccurate questions.  Also if you have other year's worth of files (2004, 2005 or 2006) please email them to Rachel Adams (radams@meatscience.org).). Please click on the year to view the PowerPoint presentations.

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