Featured Speaker

Aeriel Belk, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Auburn University
Dr. Aeriel Belk is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal Sciences at Auburn University, where her research focuses on meat science and food safety microbiology. Dr. Belk’s specific research interests include the microbiome of the built environment of food processing facilities and its relationship with pathogen persistence, the meat spoilage microbiome, and how antemortem stress can impact the animal microbiome and pathogen shedding. She teaches courses in meat science and muscle biology for undergraduate and graduate students as well as coordinating the meat science quiz bowl and (future!) meat judging competitive teams. She received a M.S. from Texas A&M University in 2017 and a Ph.D. from Colorado State University in 2021. She has been a member of AMSA since she was meat judging in 2013 and is excited to contribute to the organization and RMC programing this year!