Featured Speaker

Shelly Thobe

Director, Culinary Innovation

Shelly began her career at Wendy’s as a Dietectic intern. Over the last 20+ years Shelly has worked on every menu category. As one of the leaders of Wendy’s Fast Food Done Right food vision, she is always exploring the potential to improve the customer experience through food. Shelly’s team focusses on multiple areas within menu development which includes productivity, ESG and continiuous process improvement. Shelly works in colaboration with the Wendy’s supplier partners and supply chain co-op to deliver on the Fast Food Done Right vision through new and improved menu items. Shelly is passionate about Wendy’s and the people. Shelly is one of the co-founders of WeVets, Wendy’s military services Employee Resource Group and is a member of multiple ERG’s at Wendy’s. Shelly holds a Master of Science from The Ohio State University and a Bachelor of Science in Food Service and Human Nutrition from the Ohio State University. Shelly’s favorite menu item is a Dave’s Single, no onion, add mustard.