Career Networking Showcase

Cost: Included in Registration 
Date: Live Kickoff July 29, 2020 at 5:00pm CST

Sponsored by USDA, Food Safety and Inspection Service


This year the Student Board of Directors have been working hard to revamp the Student Mentorship Program for the upcoming Virtual 2020 RMC/ICOMST. The transition to a virtual platform has posed its challenges, but also provided us with a great opportunity to engage a larger more diverse group of individuals. The Student Board has designed a well-structured program that will engage both students and professionals. The newly named Career Networking Showcase will be a series of events including a live chat room, virtual networking Meat & Greets, and daily Q&A panels.

To introduce this program, interest videos will be released to expose students to different areas of the industry. There will be eleven categories to highlight throughout the course of a few weeks, including: Research & Development, Culinary Arts, Academia, Operations, Pet Food/Rendering, Procurement & Sales/Marketing, Human Resources, Animal Health & Welfare, Food Safety/Quality Assurance, Government Agencies & Industry Associations, and Supplier Industries (Equipment, Packaging, Seasoning, etc.). Each day will focus on showcasing one of these categories to familiarizing students with the different career opportunities available within each area of meat science. This program is intended to facilitation the initial connection between student and mentor in the hopes of future engagement beyond RMC/ICOMST.

We would like to invite all students and professionals to participate in this program! The Kick-off for of the program will be held on Wednesday, July 29th and will feature Dr. Mindy Brashears, Under Secretary for Food Safety, USDA. Dr. Brashears will speak about opportunities within USDA and the meat industry and will be able to interact with students in a live Q & A session.  

Register in advance of the session using this link.  After registering you will receive information on how to join the meeting!

On behalf of the Student Board we thank you in advance for your participation and we hope to see you at the Virtual 2020 RMC/ICOMST! If you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact Jessica Brown at j.brown121296@ufl.edu.

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