PhD Course

The organizing committee has created an outstanding Ph.D. Education course, which will occur on Friday and Saturday (July 31 - Aug. 1) before the ICoMST.  The event will feature 6 international meat experts and will be focused on two main topics – water holding capacity and oxidative stress.  Participants will work in small groups to design experiments to advance the state of knowledge on one of these topics, based on the information presented.  A few select scientific papers will be recommended for reading in advance to better prepare students for the activity.  The intent of the organizing committee is for the course to deliver Ph.D.-level instruction and to advance student learning and synthesis/integration of knowledge in meat science.  The opportunity to form international contacts and relationships is an added benefit to participation.  Preference will be given to those currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree.  If additional space is available, post-docs and M.S. students will also be admitted.  Applications will be posted on the ICoMST website soon.  We hope to see you there!

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