Processed Meat Judging Contest

Processed Meat
Processed Meats

Sponsored by JBS USA Food Company

Date: Saturday, August 14, 2021

Contest Time: 6:00-8:00pm

Location: Wolf Pack Meats- 5895 Clean Water Way, Reno, Nevada, 89502

Cost: $25/ Student

Processed Meats Educational Content

The 2021 Processed Meats Educational and Competitive Programming Committee is excited to provide you with a series of educational videos and example classes for you to prepare for the upcoming processed meats contest at the 74th Reciprocal Meat Conference in Reno, NV.  We will be posting content over the next few days to help prepare for the contest as well as introduce you to several areas and professionals within the processed meats area of the protein industry.  We hope you engage in the educational content and attend our zoom session to discuss the content, ask questions, and network with industry professionals.

If you have any questions, please contact: Leslie Frenzel, Director of Youth Programs

Email: lfrenzel@meatscience.org

Education Platform Link: https://community.meatscience.org/

For more information contact: Leslie Frenzel, Director of Youth Programs

Processed Meats Educational and Competitive Programming Committee

Committee Chair

Josh Hasty, Ph.D.     Cargill       josh_hasty@cargill.com

Committee Members 

Eddie Behrends Angelo State University Eddie.Behrends@angelo.edu
Jerry Cannon Hormel Foods Corporation JECannon@hormel.com
Christy Cashman Clemens Food Group ccashman@clemensfoodgroup.com
Drew Cashman Clemens Food Group dcashman@clemensfoodgroup.com
Alex Christiansen Cargill Alex_Christiansen@cargill.com
Kaitlyn Compart Smithfield Foods kcompart@smithfield.com
Collin Corbin Tyson Foods, Inc. collin.corbin@tyson.com
Tim Crawshaw Jack Links Timothy.Crawshaw@jacklinks.com
Garret Dietz Cargill
Anna Dilger University of Illinois adilger2@illinois.edu
Nelson Gaydos American Association of Meat Processors nelson@aamp.com
Bryce Gerlach Tyson Food, Inc. Bryce.Gerlach@tyson.com
Noah Hall UltraSource LLC. noah.hall@UltraSourceUSA.com
Aqueel Hasan Honey Baked Ham aqeel.hasan@yahoo.com
Steve Plypiw Swift Prepared Foods steve.pylypiw@swiftfoods.com
Derek Schroeder UltraSource LLC. Derek.Schroeder@ultrasourceusa.com
Gary Sullivan University of Nebraska-Lincoln gary.sullivan@unl.edu
Joanna Swenson Tyson Foods, Inc. Joanna.Swenson@tyson.com
Aaron Tapian Tyson Foods, Inc. Aaron.tapian@tyson.com


2021 RMC Processed Meats Contest Resources

Contest Instructions and Participant Guidelines

Contest Format:

Contests will begin at 6:00-7:00pm MT on August 14, 2021.  Contestamts will have approximately 1hr. to complete the contest and submit drop sheet and the electronic scantron.

Contest participants should complete their contest individually.  The American Meat Science Association expects all students to compete with the highest level of integrity and honesty.  All cell phones, smartwatches, etc. should be put away except for the device they are using to complete the contest. The only content on the screen should be the electronic scantron.   If you have any questions concerning rules or expectations, please contact me directly via email (lfrenzel@meatscience.org).

Contests will be hosted by the 2021 Processed Meats Educational and Competitive Programming Committee at Wolf Pack Meats.  Once the contest begins, students can choose the order that classes are completed and must complete all classes and questions within an hour.  Students should optimize their hour to best suit their needs during competition.  Time will be kept by the contest participant and should not exceed one hour for the entire contest.

RMC Processed Meats Class List:

  1. Class #1- 
  2. Class #2-
  3. Class #3-
  4. Class #4-
  5. Class #5-
  6. Class #6-
  7. Processed Meats Keep/Cull #1-8
  8. Processed Meats Defects #1-10


Contest participants will answer questions immediately after completing their placings on the classes. Notes will be allowed to be used for the contest.


All contest participants will compete for individual awards.  

Contest Scoring:  

  • 6 Questions Classes = 300 pts 
  • 30 Questions = 300 pts 
  • Processed Meat Defects/Specs = 100pts 
  • Keep/Cull = 50 pts 
  • 750 Points Total 


Results and Awards

Results will be published on the American Meat Science Association website (meatscience.org)  and announced during the 2021 RMC in Reno, NV.  Detailed results will be published on judgingcard.com. 

Electronic Scan Sheet

We recommend using an up-to-date browser as well as keeping the link in a separate window.

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