ICoMST/RMC Student Quiz Bowl Competition

Quiz Bowl
Sponsored by Colorado State University Center for Meat Safety & Quality

Time: Saturday, August 1 beginning at 1:00pm CST
          Sunday, August 2 beginning at 9:00am CST   -- Final round to be held at 6:00pm CST
Location: Virtual via Zoom

Registration Information

Registration is now closed

The 2020 Quiz Bowl will now be a virtual event held over the course of two days prior to the 66th ICoMST and 73rd Reciprocal Meat Conference Virtual Experience. The first two rounds, including the first round of the loser bracket, will be held on Saturday, August 1st starting at 1:00pm CST. The remaining rounds will continue on Sunday, August 2nd starting at 9:00am CST. The preliminary rounds will be private with a limited audience, but the final round(s) will have an open audience. 

Each school or university may enter up to two teams. A $50 entry fee will be assessed to each team. Teams who wish to have a chance to earn a bi must register and submit their questions by June 29, 2020. Final registration will be due on July 10th.  


2020 Virtual Quiz Bowl Rules

Helpful Tips for Quiz Bowl Teams Using Zoom

In order to shift the quiz bowl competition to a virtual format there are many changes. Please review the updated rules thoroughly. Some of the most important changes are listed below. Please contact Rachel Adams (radams@meatscience.org) with any questions. 

  1. The competition will be held using Zoom. The questions will be read by a moderator and students will utilize Buzzin.Live to buzz in to answer the questions. Please see complete rules for full description of game play as well as the Helpful Tips posted above.  We will also be holding a practice/informational session and posting tutorials. 
  2. The questions from this year's quiz bowl will be released by AMSA following the Quiz Bowl.
  3. Each round will consist of 20 questions, plus 5 additional questions if needed to break a tie.
  4. There will be no picture ID questions, so that if video is delayed (which is more likely than an audio delay) there will be no major advantage/disadvantage due to the nature of picture ID questions.
  5. Head to head questions will consist of 8 questions. 
    • Team members will be numbered 1 through 4
    • The 8 questions will consist of two rounds of 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, or 4 vs 4 from each team.
  6. Points will be +1 for correct answers and -1 for incorrect answers.
  7. Challenges to a questions will only be discussed and decided after a questions has been completed and both teams have had a chance to answer.
  8. Audience for each round will be limited to two "support persons", one faculty member and one coach, from each of the competing teams. No other audience will be allowed in the initial rounds of the competition. 
  9. The final round(s) will use a webinar format so that a large audience can watch.
  10. University teams must consist of 4 team members.  If for any reason a school is not able to find 4 eligible members, students can join with other universities to create a team in advance of the competition. Individual students from a university that cannot produce a full team that wish to be placed on a random team in their division may register and pay their portion of the entry fee by contacting Rachel Adams at AMSA.  
  11. As in previous years, each team will be required to submit 30 new questions or 45 new questions if there are two teams from a given school with their registration.  The deadline for submitting team questions to earn a chance at a bye is June 29th. Final registration and question submittal is due by July 10th.
  12. Questions for this year’s Quiz Bowl will be more internationally relevant. Suggestions for study materials can be found in the 2020 updated rules.  

Schools with Two Teams:

For those schools with 2 teams, your teams will be designated a team color that is associated with the school. Please register only 4 students per team and then the day of competition we can make substitutions as needed.  

Submission of Quiz Bowl Questions:

A new template has been created for teams to use when submitting new questions for future years' competitions. Please see the updated rules in the link above. Each school must submit questions as outlined in the rules prior to participation.  Please email your questions to Rachel Adams (radams@meatscience.org)

School’s questions and registration must be submitted by the registration deadline of June 29th to be eligible for a Round 1 bi. July 10th is the final day to register and submit questions. Schools who submit their questions by the early deadline (June 29) will be entered into a drawing to receive a bi for Round 1 (Provided there is a bi in the bracket).  Questions MUST be submitted in Microsoft Excel with the following information: question, answer, topic area, difficulty (1=easy, 5=difficult), and reference source for the school to be eligible for the drawing.  Acceptable resources include: textbooks, publications, websites, etc. NOT lecture notes.

Click here for the Updated Question Template

PowerPoint Presentations:

The 2012 Quiz Bowl committee released the PowerPoint presentations from past years' (2007 and previous) Quiz Bowl Competitions, please be advised that the committee is not responsible for outdated/inaccurate questions.  Also if you have other year's worth of files (2004, 2005 or 2006) please email them to Rachel Adams (radams@meatscience.org). Please click on the year to view the PowerPoint presentations.

This video will walk you through how to set up for the Virtual Quiz Bowl Competition and show an example quiz bowl round.  Please watch and practice with your team to ensure the contest runs as smooth as possible on the day of competition.  


Below is a recording of the Virtual Quiz Bowl Information Session. It contains information regarding rules and format of this year's competition!

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