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Protein industry success is often reliant on our ability to INTEGRATE. This student education and training opportunity will have you working alongside industry leaders to solve a current, real-world protein industry problem utilizing the integration of cross-collaborative teams. 

Do not miss your chance to work alongside and learn from Smithfield leaders at INTEGRATE.

Sign-up by October 11th to be selected for one of the 30 available spots!

Smithfield Foods INTEGRATE Sign-Up

Please fill out this form to register for the Smithfield-INTEGRATE Short Course. There are a few short questions, and you will also be asked to upload your resume. 

Please complete the following questions for the opportunity to be selected to attend the Smithfield: Integrate Short Course.  A student training and educational program where you will solve current meat industry challenges alongside industry leaders. Do not miss out on this unique opportunity! November 18-20, 2021 Smithfield Innovation Center | Smithfield, VA

Sign-up by October 11th to be selected for one of the 30 available spots!

Please upload your resume as one pdf file.

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