SALUMI 101 - Cancelled

  • Dates: 16 – 18 Mar, 2020


SALUMI 101 is a three-day, hands-on educational opportunity to learn about the production of safe and high quality artisan-style meats. Participants will have the chance to interact with industry and university professionals that specialize in this area of meat science. The class will be receiving instruction on and get involved with the crafting of various artisan products. SALUMI 101 is sponsored by the American Meat Science Association, North Carolina State University, California State University – Fresno, Pennsylvania State University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  

Who should attend SALUMI 101?

Anyone with a passion for learning more about the art and science of crafting high quality artisan meat products will benefit from attending SALUMI 101.

Date & Location:

We are sorry to inform you that we are going to have to postpone the Salumi 101, March 16-18, 2020, due to the number of attendees being affected by their company’s travel restrictions.

We are working to reschedule the event and will keep you posted on this possibility.


  • PORK 101 Curriculum and Host Committee

    A committee consisting of subject matter specialists and PORK 101 hosts that maintains the curriculum for PORK 101.