Elisabeth Huff-Lonergan Named an AMSA Fellow

Jun 03, 2014

116b77ee-0d82-4053-b30a-3e8b31b3bc66AMSA announces that Elisabeth Huff-Lonergan has been named an AMSA Fellow and is a recipient of the 2014 AMSA Signal Service Award. The AMSA Signal Service Award was established in 1956 and is given to members in recognition of devoted service and lasting contributions to the meat industry and to the association. The Signal Service Awards are sponsored by Keystone Foods, Johnsonville Sausage Company and Elanco Animal Health. Elisabeth Huff-Lonergan will be honored at an Awards banquet during the AMSA 67th Reciprocal Meat Conference on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 in Madison, WI.

“Dr. Elisabeth Huff-Lonergan is aninternationally recognized researcher in her field who also gives generously ofher time and talents to mentor students and junior scientists, and to serve herdiscipline, her university, and AMSA,” stated Bob Delmore, Professor, ColoradoState University and President, AMSA.

Her major research focus is onelucidating biochemical mechanisms in muscle that ultimately influence freshmeat quality. She has created an internationally renowned, independently fundedfundamental program that results in significant practical applications for theindustry. In addition, she has an exceptionally strong, widely knownfundamental program in muscle biology. Her program is well known and respectednot only in her specific field in agriculture, but in the larger scientificcommunity as well.

She is known as a research leader who is continually making an impact on her field by using creative, cutting edge research techniques in her research.  She is also dedicated to assisting both established and junior scientists world-wide in enhancing their skills in research.  To this end she has hosted many international faculty members and students in her laboratory.  She also has had a major impact on her discipline by serving as an associate editor for Meat Science.

Dr. Elisabeth Huff-Lonergan’sfield of study is applied muscle biology and early postmortem muscle/meatbiochemistry.  She has made several important scientific contributions inher field and has been recognized by her peers for her work. She has over 50peer-reviewed papers that have been published in the most respected journals inher field, 7 peer-reviewed book chapters, over 100 abstracts and one patent.Her scholarly writings are considered extremely high quality and relevant. Dr.Huff-Lonergan has been invited to present her research at national andinternational conferences and at other universities nearly 50 times. Dr.Huff-Lonergan has been very successful in attracting funds to support her work.During her career, she has been the PI or co-PI on over 60 successful grantproposals with awards totaling almost $9 million.

Dr. Huff-Lonergan also has anactive track record in professional and institutional service. She has heldseveral leadership roles in her discipline. She is currently on the Board ofDirectors of the American Society of Animal Science, and has served on the Boardof Directors of the American Meat Science Association. Her service to AMSA andthe meat industry makes Dr. Elisabeth Huff-Lonergan a worthy recipient of theSignal Service Award and being named an AMSA Fellow. 

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