American Meat Science Association Welcomes PerdueFoods to the Sustaining Partners Program

Jun 05, 2014

b94c7f13-2e90-4980-8005-3456147f8038Perdue Foods has joined over 30 other companies and institutions as a Sustaining Partner of the American Meat Science Association (AMSA). For more than 50 years, the AMSA has relied on support from partners tomaintain its ability to provide community and professional development programsand opportunities for individuals in the field of meat science.  AMSA’sSustaining Partners program recognizes the organizations and institutions thatprovide significant financial and logistical contributions for the products andservices offered by the organization.

Perdue Farms has been dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for their consumers through innovative food and agricultural products, since 1920 starting with Arthur Perdue.  Throughtheir expansion into agribusiness and the introduction of the PERDUE® brand ofchicken and turkey under Frank Perdue, and continuing with the third generationof leadership with Chairman Jim Perdue, the company remains family-owned whilebeing professionally managed. Through stewardship and corporate responsibilityprograms, they continuously strive to be the most-trusted name in food andagricultural products.

This partnership builds upon our mission,with all our Sustaining Partners, to explore new opportunities as we continue to enrich AMSA’s programs. We are excited to welcome Perdue Foods to AMSA’sSustaining Partner program,” states Thomas Powell, AMSA Executive Director.

Perdue Foods enhances people’s lives through quality branded chicken, turkey and pork products distributed through retail, specialty, food service and international channels under the leading national brand names of PERDUE®, HARVESTLAND®,  COLEMAN NATURAL®and COLEMAN ORGANIC® as well as leading local brands of Rocky®, Rosie® and Ranger®.  Perdue is the leader in many high quality product attributes andcertifications such as natural, antibiotic free, USDA Process Verified Program,all veggie fed and USDA certified Organic.  Perdue Foods offers consumersmany product choices and all have the same commitment to high quality andwholesomeness.

“Perdue Foods is proud to be a sponsor of the American Meat Science Association.  At Perdue, We Believe in Responsible Food andAgriculture™ and I think that aligns perfectly with the CoreMission of AMSA to ‘foster the development of those that create and applyscience to efficiently provide safe and high quality meat products.’ Advancing the science and its application in the industry are important roles that the membership must service.  There is none better to do that thanthe American Meat Science Association” stated Parker Hall, Vice President ofResearch & Development, Perdue Foods.

The Sustaining Partnership program enables these companies and institutions to acknowledge and further align under a common goal to foster the principles of meat science and technology. Our Sustaining Partners have enhanced AMSA programs such as student development,scientific information outreach and building the global network of meat science professionals. The program includes five levels of partnership – Diamond,Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.


About AMSA

AMSA fosters community and professional development among individuals who create and apply science to efficiently provide safe and high quality meat defined as red meat (beef, pork and lamb), poultry, fish/seafood and meat from other managed species.

About Perdue Foods

Perdue Foods is a division of Perdue Farms, the family owned, professionallymanaged company continuously works  to be the most-trusted name in foodand agricultural products. For more information, visit www.perduefarms.com. At Perdue Farms, We believe in responsible food andagriculture™. 

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