AMSA Calendar Months Assigned Make Plans to Purchase Yours in June!

Feb 18, 2016

Months for the AMSA Student Membership 2016–2017 have been assigned, a special thank you goes out to all the universities that purchased a month in the new calendar.

Months were assigned as follows:

  • July - Iowa State University
  • August - University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • September - North Dakota State University
  • October - Kansas State University
  • November - Texas Tech University
  • December - Colorado State University
  • January - University of Florida
  • February - University of Illinois
  • March - Ohio State University
  • April - Oklahoma State University
  • May - University of Wisconsin
  • June - Texas A&M University

The artwork for the calendar is due by April 1st and that is not an April fool's joke. Make sure you get the artwork turned in by that date. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kassandra McKillip.

In other news, make sure everyone is thinking about what the design will be for their university for the t-shirt auction. We ask that once a universities finalizes their design, that they send a picture to kognoskie@ksu.edu.  We can compile all of the designs and send out pictures to all of the universities prior to RMC.

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