Tech students serve on national meat science board

Feb 24, 2016

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The American Meat Science Association Student Board of Directors has eight members, and three of them are Texas Tech graduate students.

Loni Lucherk, a meat science graduate student from Grandview, is the past president, Bo Hutto, a meat science graduate student from Hondo, is the current president and Dan Crownover, a meat science graduate student from Italy, serves as an at-large director.

These students had to be elected to the board by peers, Lucherk said. Every American Meat Science Association student member votes for the student board after the candidates fill out and submit an application, resume and cover letter. They also do a webinar with students to try to earn votes.  

Lucherk said the student board of directors works to serve students and provide them with the best opportunities possible, whether it be meeting someone who could provide them with a job later in life or providing them with the necessary skillset to get their future job and be the best meat scientist they can be.

The student board of directors meets twice a year, she said. They meet once in June at the Reciprocal Meat Conference and another time in the fall with the whole board.

Hutto said the board is responsible for promoting student-sponsored events throughout the year.

“One of those events is the Reciprocal Meat Conference,” Hutto said. “The conference includes social events such a student-mentor breakfast, nightly get-togethers, student mixers, product development contests like the Iron Chef contest and the Taste of RMC, and reciprocation sessions.”

Crownover is the social chair of the board and helps organize the student-mentor networking breakfast at the Reciprocal Meat Conference.

“The breakfast is designed to help students meet people in the industry and find mentors that will help them,” Crownover said. “There’s nothing more valuable than figuring out how to get somewhere by talking to someone who has already gone through it.”

The breakfast is a big benefit and many students from Tech have met their future employers at RMC, Lucherk said.

The student board of directors also hosts a student leadership conference. The conference is hosted in different locations each year, she said. The students get exposed to various things such as leadership training, media training, interview skills, help with resumes, help finding a career, social networking events, product development and more.  

Lucherk said Tech students and alumni have served on the board for the past few years.

“It is really neat that we are the people that are leading this organization,” Lucherk said. “The rest of the meat science world gets to see that Texas Tech is doing really big things and being leaders in the student population.”

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